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About DS

Destiny (DS) is a genuine person, beautiful inside and out. A hard worker, who doesn't give up. Destiny is a College Graduate, a Professional Photographer, a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, a Serial Entrepreneur, and a former published Model. With an amazing testimony. She was born and raised in California. 80's Baby! She comes from a beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles County. Outside of work, Destiny has returned to College for Psychology (Community Psychologist) and Automotive Technician. She's in the Honors Program, a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma, California Teachers Association, American Red Cross along with many other programs. Destiny has plans for owning a mobile counseling company to provide 100% services to homeless people and owning sober living homes. Her community service and donation record are outstanding all over the US and in Mexico. She has reentered the Entertainment business to help Artists fulfill their dreams. Destiny is also a Marketing Director. Check out Destiny's Free Art In The Park.

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